Pastor encourages Millennials, Gen Z as evangelists
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August 2019 – Members of Generation Z or Millennial generation often get a bad rap from older generations. However, Pastor Louie Giglio believes people in these two categories excel in a specific trait: evangelism. “I think they get unfairly painted with a broad stroke,” said Giglio. “They’re one of the most cause-driven generations I’ve encountered.”

Giglio’s experience with young people is extensive. He founded Passion Movement, a conference of young people that has met annually since 1997. Through Passion, students have raised more than $8 million to combat modern-day slavery. This year alone, young people have donated $448,370 to the Deaf Bible Society as part of an effort to reach deaf people with the gospel. “These are poor students,” says Giglio. “They don’t have any money, yet they’re giving what little they have to causes that mean something to them, and that makes them some of today’s greatest evangelists.”, 5/19/19