College freshman denies toxic masculinity
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August 2019 – A San Diego State University freshman has made waves in the feminist world after publishing an article in his school paper, The Daily Aztec, titled “No, ‘toxic masculinity’ does not exist.” Jermelle MacLeod minced no words in his writings about “toxic masculinity,” saying the phrase has “no objective ground and is used as a shaming tactic by ‘modern feminists.’”

According to MacLeod, part of his motivation came from “the fact that the [American Psychological Association] is pretty much saying that anything that is not feminine is toxic.” MacLeod claims the assault on masculinity is “a misunderstanding of what masculinity is…most people immediately assume that masculinity is the cause of all of these rapes and whatnot, even though it’s not. It’s a misunderstanding of [masculinity] that cause[s] all of these issues.”

MacLeod’s article received negative pushback from the community, including an angry letter to the newspaper. However, he says many others thanked him for his stand, telling him, “Finally, somebody said it.”, 5/7/19;, 3/13/19