“Today is yesterday’s pupil.”
Joy Lucius
AFA Journal staff writer

August 2019 – Children’s author Whitney White believes those words of wisdom still ring true – “Today is yesterday’s pupil.” They were written in 1751 by Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanack.

“Our children will be tomorrow’s leaders,” White told AFA Journal. “So, what we teach them today will be the legacy we leave for future generations. That’s why I am so excited to introduce Book 2 in The Covenant Creek Kids series, Memorial Day with Granddaddy Meek.”

Published by American Family Association, The Covenant Creek Kids books focus on American history intertwined with the valuable components of faith, family, and community.

“Today’s technology makes information more accessible than ever,” remarked White, “but many kids have few clues about American history, our Christian founders, or heroes of past generations who sacrificed all for America.”

According to a survey conducted by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, White is correct.

WWNFF found that just one in three Americans could achieve a passing score of 60% on the multiple-choice U. S. Citizenship Test. Only 18% surveyed could list the 13 original states, and 60% could not identify countries involved in World War II.

In The Mystery of Granddaddy Meek, Book 1 of The Covenant Creek Kids, White introduced her young readers to main characters Addison and Brennan. This precocious brother-sister duo thought they were in for a boring summer, staying with their great-grandparents each day at Covenant Creek.

To their surprise, life in Covenant Creek is an adventure, especially when they find a mysterious chest in grumpy Granddaddy Meek’s closet. Addison and Brennan soon learn about each treasure in the chest. They also recognize the treasure they have in Granddaddy Meek as he brings American history to life through his real-life stories of World War II.

The adventures continue for Addison and Brennan in Memorial Day with Granddaddy Meek, Covenant Creek Kids: Book 2. The kids discover very quickly in White’s second story that something is very different about this particular Monday.

A half-raised flag. An unfamiliar photograph. Fresh pies. Unusual flowers. A brewing storm and a very frustrated veteran great-grandfather. All these elements make for another remarkable day at Covenant Creek

Dismayed that his great-grandchildren are unaware of such an important American holiday, Granddaddy Meek takes Brennan and Addison to visit a mysterious place they’ve never been before. Despite their fears, he once again brings history to life and teaches them another lesson they will never forget.   

Memorial Day with Granddaddy Meek, Covenant Creek Kids: Book 2 is available August 1. Order online at afastore.net or call 877-927-4917.

Feedback from avid fans of Book 1
Readers of all ages thoroughly enjoyed The Mystery of Granddaddy Meek and have eagerly awaited the August 2019 release of the next Covenant Creek book.

▶ Brayle, age 8, wrote: “This book is one of the best books that I have ever read. … After reading this book, I decided that I want to be a writer when I grow up.”
▶ Dawn, mom of two, wrote: “This book is so awesome that I cried. After reading, my sons and I had a huge discussion about the draft, the war, and my summers at my Mimi’s house when I was their age.”
▶ Camden, age 8, wrote: “I loved that it was a mystery. I learned a lot of great things about our country that I didn’t know. I can’t wait to get the next book.”
▶ Misty, mom of two, wrote: “I read this book to my children and we really enjoyed it. They loved the adventures the kids went on, and I loved the memories it brought back from my childhood. We can’t wait for book # 2 to be released in this series!”