Ad campaign tells stories of abortion survivors
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April 2020An ad campaign titled Faces of Choice (FOC) is raising awareness about survivors of abortion, making it clear that abortion is about a person – not just a choice.

“I am convinced that the key to changing the cultural conversation about abortion is within the voices of the survivors,” said Lyric Gillett, FOC executive director. “[E]very great civil rights or humanitarian movement of our era has had an actual face of a survivor attached to it, giving it meaning outside of a nebulous concept.”

One 30-second FOC ad featuring 14 abortion survivors was rejected as a 2020 Superbowl commercial by Fox, but it was shown at the national March for Life in Washington in late January. The website,, containing multiple video testimonies of abortion survivors, continues to gain traction., 1/4/20;, 1/31/20