True or false? Climate change causes wildfires
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April 2020As recent wildfires raged across Australia and the U.S., California specifically, the debate likewise rages regarding their causes. A radical environmentalist agenda is the primary culprit according to Hillsdale College (Michigan) research assistant Krystina Skurk, who also holds a Hillsdale master’s degree in politics.

Australia has been hit hardest – 12 million acres burned, 25 dead, and $3.4 billion in damage. Although most of Australia’s fires are believed to be arson (98 people questioned), leftists still chant climate change.

However, a New York Post article said bureaucratic obstruction prevents firefighters from setting prescribed burns to reduce ground fuel. Firefighters cannot set broad lanes of controlled fire, at which the wildfires would run out of fuel and come under control.

Australian fireman Liam Sheahan was fined $50,000 in 2002 for illegally clearing trees around his home in Victoria. In 2009, his property was the only spot left intact after bushfires destroyed his town. Yet in some parts of the nation, thanks to the “Greens” (climate change policymakers), it remains illegal for a property owner to remove trees from his own land., 1/3/20;, 1/15/20