Transgender child custody case continues
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April 2020In October, a Texas jury ruled in favor of Anne Georgulas, the mother of 7-year-old James Younger. Georgulas was seeking to transition James into a transgender girl named Luna. She claimed that while James was with her, he dressed and acted like a girl.

In contrast, Jeffrey Younger, his father, said that James showed “no sign of wanting to be a girl when given the choice.”

When the jury granted Gerogulas sole managing conservatorship, the case attracted national interest, and the jury decision was soon overruled by Judge Kim Cooks.

The parents were then awarded joint conservatorship, requiring both to agree on all medical, dental, and psychological/psychiatric care.

More recently, Georgulas attempted to get the joint ruling overturned by having Cooks recused from the case. However, a second judge also ruled in favor of joint conservatorship.

The impact of the Younger case is proving vital in leading to the banning of puberty blockers and transgender surgeries on minors., 10/29/19;, 1/31/20;, 1/31/20