AFA couple finds firm foundations
AFA couple finds firm foundations
Joy Lucius
Joy Lucius
AFA Journal staff writer

Above, the Easterlings from top: Shan, Tasha, Carys, Alden, and Levi. Photo by Carly McGee, Freeze the Moment Photography

April 2020Hebrews 11:10 speaks of the faithful patriarch Abraham, who “looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God (KJV).”

Likewise, Shan and Tasha Easterling, two faithful employees of AFA, have spent their adult lives depending upon those foundations built by God. Shan is a broadcast engineer with American Family Radio (AFR) while Tasha is legal assistant to Abraham Hamilton, AFA general counsel.

Called for serving
“I love the people here, and I believe we were called to work at AFA,” said Tasha. “I think we are exactly where we are supposed to be. This is not a regular job; this is a ministry.”

Shan added, “My favorite part of working at AFA is knowing that I am working for something that is having an eternal impact.”

Shan’s job title is a bit misleading. Not only is he responsible for onsite and offsite maintenance of the AFR satellite uplink system. He also has several in-house duties on the AFA campus. His tasks include repair work needed to keep 184 AFR stations in working condition. And his fellow employees depend on Shan for much more, including the campus phone system.

Tasha’s job as a legal assistant sometimes crosses over into the engineering department. Over the years, Tasha has worked with various departments, whether it involved radio licenses, property deeds, or even copyright procedures.

With 35 combined years of employment at AFA, the Easterlings believe the stability in their workplace contributes to parallel stability in their home life. They quickly give God credit for their steadfast, balanced lives but also recognize their place of employment is a huge part of that constancy.

Stability for family
“We have received a lot of blessings through working at AFA, but one of the greatest is the stability this ministry has provided us,” Shan said. “That may not sound very spiritual, but working here for the past 25 years has given us the ability to maintain a stable schedule, a stable life for our family.”

With AFA’s headquarters in Tupelo, the Easterlings both moved from their Mississippi hometowns to make Tupelo their home as well. In fact, they married in 1995 at Hope Church Tupelo. Their children, two daughters and a son, have attended that same church their entire lives, and all three attended the same local Christian school.

Their oldest daughter, Carys, is a sophomore at a nearby Christian college. Alden, a senior, and 9-year-old Levi also attend a Christian school. The Easterlings view the deep roots of home, church, and school as a great blessing for their children.

“The stability of AFA has filtered into our daily lives,” Shan explained. “But like our own family, this ministry has grown and changed over the past 25 years.”

Prayers for AFA
“I think the biggest turning point came with the addition of talk radio. Brother Don Wildmon was right when he envisioned that change. It enlarged our listenership, our base of support, and our grassroots level of national influence as well.”

Tasha agreed but remarked that the ministry’s growth also brought about heightened challenges in the spiritual warfare AFA faces. “We covet the prayers of our supporters,” stated Tasha. “Now, more than ever, please pray for every person associated with AFA.”

“Yes, the war for our nation and our families is real,” said Shan. “And with America’s current political climate, coupled with AFA’s high visibility activism, it’s probably only going to get worse. AFA is on the front line, so we could definitely use prayers of protection.”

Still, with all of life’s uncertainties, the Easterlings are confident in their stand on God’s firm foundations.