Americans march for life all over the nation
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April 2020On January 12, a March for Life event in Chicago saw a record turnout of participants with an estimated 9,000 people showing up to march on the Windy City streets in support of life. The president of March for Life Chicago’s board of directors, Dawn Fitzpatrick, is optimistic about the future of the event and the growth of attendance.

“Every year that we’ve done this march, the numbers have grown,” said Fitzpatrick. The movement is not limited to Chicago, or even to Washington, where the National March takes place every year. Like Chicago, other cities have begun to host their own pro-life events, involving many more in the cause to save the unborn.

In 2019, for example, the Coalition for Life in St. Louis held the March on the Arch event March 7. Participants walked from a local Planned Parenthood clinic to the Gateway Arch in downtown St. Louis. On February 13, citizens walked around the Capitol Square in Richmond, Virginia, supporting the protection of unborn babies. In Annapolis, Maryland, people young and old got involved in a march that included a youth rally and worship service on February 24.

This year, the movement keeps growing. On April 15, Hartford, Connecticut, will hold its first march as part of an overall March for Life movement with the goal to hold an event in each state capital., 1/15/20;