Young adult goals shift away from faith, family
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April 2020A Barna study titled “The Connected Generation Report” documents findings from interviews conducted in 25 nations concerning the priorities of young people. Together with World Vision, Barna interviewed over 15,000 Gen Zers and millennials.

The study showed that, across the globe, young people are increasingly more oriented toward material success (stability in education, career, and finances). As priorities shift, 40% are “uncertain about the future,” “afraid to fail,” and “anxious about important decisions.”

The report is consistent with polls in recent years showing that younger generations, especially in the U.S., are increasingly categorized as “nones” (not identifying with any faith), and are, therefore, less attuned to traditional goals of faith and family.

For instance, while 32% of respondents categorized as practicing Christians prioritize caring for the poor and needy, only 17% of those with no faith do so. And though nearly a third of practicing Christians reported they had married, and 37% reported becoming a parent, only a quarter of the overall number surveyed prioritize marriage., 1/11/20