Helping prodigals find their way home
Helping prodigals find their way home
Joy Lucius
Joy Lucius
AFA Journal staff writer

January-February 2021Since American Family Studios (AFS) released AFA’s new documentary, In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality, for free online streaming, the response has been overwhelming.

Even more overwhelming are the countless prayer requests emailed to AFS for loved ones entangled in the lies of the LGBTQ lifestyle. Literally, from around the world, heart-wrenching pleas are coming from parents, grandparents, families, and friends of prodigals.

Francine Perry and her daughter Laura are featured in In His Image. Laura lived several years as a transgender man, then returned to the female lifestyle in which God created her.

Prodigal prayers
Long before Laura left transgenderism, the women in her mother’s prayer group created a Prodigal Prayer Box in which to deposit names of prodigals. It was a concrete reminder to pray for their children who had walked away from the Lord.

American Family Radio observed Prodigal Prayer Week November 16-20, and the Perrys including dad, Paul, came to participate in AFA’s promotion of concentrated prayer for America’s prodigal sons and daughters.

The Perrys also offered AFA Journal readers some pointers for those still praying for their prodigals to return home.

Practical help
Speaking from years of personal experience in the LGBTQ world, Laura advised parents to:

• Make their relationship with God the top priority. The overflow from a Christ-centered relationship will positively influence and impact parents’ relationship with their prodigal.

Keep their eyes on God. Peter was able to walk on water while he kept his eyes on Jesus. It’s easy to focus on the enemy’s lies, but God’s words never fail. Focus on Him.

Be a lighthouse. A lighthouse always shines, fixed and firmly set on the rock. Do not move along in the current of culture, adopting the world’s standards. When the prodigal is ready to come out of sin’s darkness, that light will draw him or her home.

Laura’s parents offered ideas born out of experience:

Do not fall into idolatry. It’s easy to focus on the lost children, but that’s idolatry. This difficult situation is not just about the prodigal. It’s about God, and the enemy recognizes that. Don’t be deceived. Worship God alone.

Don’t abandon truth. Francine refused to call Laura “Jake” (her chosen male name) but called her by pet names such as “Hon” or “Sweetheart.”

Maintain contact. Enjoy hobbies, movies, or activities that connect you. When Francine’s prayer group needed a new website, they recruited Laura to build and manage it. Reading her mom’s Bible studies moved Laura to begin asking questions.

Surrender everything to God. Start with yourself. Then, fully surrender the prodigal. It may be the hardest thing a parent ever does.

• Never give up! Even if prodigals cut off communication, keep the door open. Follow the biblical example of the prodigal’s father (Luke 15:20).

Finally, the Perrys urge parents to pray without ceasing. Since God’s words will not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11), they believe Scripture is the perfect prayer model.

“Though it may seem hopeless now,” said Laura, “I can assure you that God is working. So thank Him in advance for your prodigal’s return.”

Though it may seem hopeless now, ... I can assure you that God is working. So thank Him in advance for your prodigal’s return.  

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