American missionary martyred in Cameroon
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Above, Charles Wesco and his family (Image used with permission.)

January-February 2019 – Charles Wesco, his wife, and their eight children spent two years raising support before selling their home and possessions and moving from Mishawaka, Indiana, to serve as missionaries in Cameroon, Africa. The family of 10 had been on the ground less than two weeks before Charles was shot and killed. He was traveling in a car with another missionary when two gunshots struck him in the head. His wife and one son were also in the car. Wesco’s family has since returned to the U.S. 

The Cameroon government placed blame on “a group of terrorists.” Overall, recent violence has been attributed to armed conflicts between government troops and English-speaking separatists protesting their minority status in the French-speaking nation. Bamenda, the town where the Wescos were living, is in an English-speaking region. Since 2016, when unrest broke out in the country, 400 civilians have been killed in English-speaking regions., 10/30/18;, 11/6/18;, 10/30/18