Episcopal bishop stands alone on gay marriage
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January-February 2019 – Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, New York, has announced by way of a lengthy pastoral letter that his churches will not perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. A new resolution passed by the Episcopal Church and scheduled to take effect December 2, allows for congregations to perform gay weddings even in dioceses where local leadership objects. After the church’s 2015 resolution allowing same-sex marriage, eight dioceses stood firm and refused to comply.

Now, Bishop Love appears to stand alone as the only U.S. bishop refusing to buckle under pressure. 

“Jesus is calling the church to follow His example,” Love said. “He is calling the church to have the courage to speak His Truth in love about homosexual behavior – even though it isn’t politically correct.” 

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry said he is “assessing the implications” of Love’s letter and will soon decide on “appropriate actions.”

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