College president defends firing antifa prof
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November 2019The president of Kirkwood Community College (KCC) in Iowa is standing by her decision to remove Jeff Klinzman, an adjunct professor of English, from the university staff after he announced he was part of the militant, left-wing antifa movement. KCC President Lori Sundberg cited perceived threats from the public resulting from the professor’s affiliation announcement as the reason behind the termination, not the nature of his views or political stance.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education wrote Sundberg a letter claiming that since KCC is a public institution, Klinzman’s speech was protected under the First Amendment.

However, Sundberg upheld her decision stating, “If I make a wrong decision regarding the safety of the students, and he’s harmed, our students are harmed, or other faculty are harmed, I can’t live with that.”, 8/29/19;, 8/27/19