Yale professor debunks Darwinism
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November 2019Dr. David Gelernter (photo above), Yale University computer science professor and evolutionist, announced that he is no longer a disciple of Darwin, saying the English naturalist’s theory has been disproven. Charles Darwin, in his well-known work, The Origin of Species, theorized that all life forms descended from a common ancestor, suggesting that over time, random variation coupled with natural selection gives rise to entirely new species.

“But what if Darwin was wrong?” Gelernter questioned. He acknowledged that Darwin successfully explained adaptations – changes in fur density, wing style, beak shape, etc.

However, he said, “The origin of species is exactly what Darwin cannot explain.”

Though the professor is not convinced of intelligent design, he does not rule it out. “My argument is with people who dismiss intelligent design without considering it. … It’s an absolutely scientific argument,” Gelernter said. “In fact, it’s the first and most obvious and intuitive one that comes to mind. It’s got to be dealt with intellectually.”

churchmilitant.com, 8/8/19