Facebook censors pro-life group for ‘false news’
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November 2019Facebook has censored pro-life group Live Action, claiming that its content is “false news.” Relying on the opinion of two abortion doctors, the social media giant labeled Live Action as “false” for airing a video promoting the perspective that abortion is “never medically necessary.”

The two California based abortionists, Robyn Schickler and Daniel Grossman, claim abortion is a medically necessary procedure. As a result, Live Action stated it was notified that their pages’ reach will be reduced for what Facebook called the “repeated sharing of
false news.”

Live Action founder and president Lila Rose responded to the allegations: “With thousands of OB-GYNs and medical professionals on the record agreeing with us that the direct killing of a child is never medically necessary, it is telling that Facebook decided to fact-check our information … using two abortionists for their sourcing.”

“Continued efforts to censor Live Action will have tremendous implications,” Rose added. “Not only for the pro-life movement, but for free speech in America.”

christianpost.com, 9/3/19