Israeli athletes give opponents fair shot
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November 2019Showing true sportsmanship during the August 2019 World Championship in Ontario, Canada, Israel’s under-19 women’s lacrosse team surprised opponents with a much-needed gift. During the match against Kenya, the Israelis noticed the Kenyan team had a disadvantage – they didn’t have cleated shoes.

Due to wet grass from the rain, the Kenyans were slipping and having great difficulty staying on their feet.

Wanting to help, the Israeli players spoke with their parents who agreed to fund cleats for the Kenyan team. Israel’s team contacted the Kenyan coach to obtain the girls’ sizes, found a nearby store to purchase the shoes, and surprised the Kenyan players with new cleats.

“Our players, coaches, and supporters take pride in representing our country, using our sport as a way of building bridges and connections to Israel,” said David Lasday, COO of
the Israel Lacrosse Association. “They continue to inspire the world, winning on and off
the field.”, 8/16/19