Pro-life play tours the nation
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November 2019Christian Creative Media is reaching deep into hearts through the production of a simple, yet powerful play titled Viable. The single-scene drama portrays a mother who is visited by the daughter she aborted 30 years beforehand, forcing her to face her long-held guilt and grief.

Producer John Hoover said the play informs and educates viewers about “the love and forgiveness, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ, and how women and men who have lost children to abortion can be forgiven and set free from the guilt.”

“We need more actual ways for churches to become engaged in this conversation in a meaningful way,” Hoover added, “because it’s such a problem in the church, and because the church needs to take the lead on it.”

Churches, theaters, universities, and conferences may license productions of the play or bring in the original cast to perform live. A trailer of the live performance and booking information are available at, 8/28/19