Pro-lifers win on California campus
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November 2019On August 13, District Judge M. James Lorenz of the Southern District of California ruled in favor of a pro-life student group at California State University of San Marcos. The court ruled that the university discriminated against the viewpoints of the Students for Life (SFL) chapter in 2017 when fees that went to Associated Students Inc. (ASI) to fund student events were withheld from SFL.

The pro-life group was hosting an event featuring Mike Adams, a University of North Carolina-Wilmington professor, and was unable to acquire appropriate funding from the school. The court ruled ASI was not unbiased in its disbursement of funds for student events.

SFL national president Kristan Hawkins said in a statement that universities “have no right to use their power, including mandatory student fees, to restrict speech they don’t agree with or particularly like.”, 8/15/19