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November 2019Praiseworthy products mentor boys into manhood
Mary Bustamante, author of Raising Sir Gallant, has created a stunning line of high-end products (photo above) to help parents raise godly men of valor in a society often viewing traditional masculinity as toxic.

Raising Sir Gallant is a stand-alone storybook for boys ages 8-12. Through timeless lessons on charity, good manners, generosity, integrity, and wilderness survival, Bustamante’s book tells of a humble farmer’s son training to become a knight.

An interactive castle kit (purchased separately) complements the book. The hinged castle opens, revealing items needed for the reader’s knighthood quest: a workbook, story-related crafts, gifts, chapter ribbons, and a “Secret Knight Letter” with a pattern for a suit of armor. These items can be reordered when younger brothers inherit the castle and begin their quest.

Kade Diamond, a Henderson, Kentucky, eight-year-old and his mother Jessi field tested the Sir Gallant products for AFAJ. They described the book as absolutely captivating. After completing his quest, Sir Kade thoroughly approved of the castle kit, and he wanted more interactive adventures with each workbook lesson.

These are not the ordinary children’s resources, but mom Jessi says they’ll be a wise investment. Learn more at If ordering, for a 10% discount, specify this code RSG/AFAJ.

Joy Lucius

Values that Divide, Degrade, Destroy
Values that Divide, Degrade, Destroy offers a strong argument that a culture’s longevity is dependent on its dominant value system. Author Tommy L. Jamison contends that nations that reject Christianity for progressive liberalism – including America – are guaranteeing their own demise.

An engineer and statistician by training, Jamison demonstrates his command of the Scripture and applies its precepts with precision and clarity. With abundant biblical passages, he unravels contentious issues including immigration, life, globalism, the LGBT movement, and others.

Available at online booksellers.

Rusty Benson

A Month of Sundays
WaterBrook/Random House acquired many of the writings of the late pastor and author Eugene Peterson. The pastor is noted for his personal paraphrase/version of Scriptures known as The Message Bible. WaterBrook then edited portions of the collection into 31 abbreviated sermons titled A Month of Sundays: Thirty-one Days of Wrestling with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The result is a month’s worth of short, but robust, readings on the life and ministry of Jesus. Each entry brims with Peterson’s joyous and pastoral style and would serve as a deeply edifying daily devotion for believers of any spiritual age.

Available at online and retail booksellers.

Rusty Benson

What is a Girl Worth?
As the first victim to publicly speak against acclaimed gymnast doctor Larry Nassar, gymnast Rachael Denhollander uses her story to expose the horrors of sexual abuse and how it challenges one’s Christian faith. By publishing her experience, she has led more than 250 other victims to come forward.

What is a Girl Worth? offers frank accounts of Denhollander’s abuse and triumphs. She has a heart for victims and a desire to see them find new hope. “The more you love, the harder you fight,” she writes.

Due to the nature of the topic and Denhollander’s transparency, the book isn’t for young readers, but rather for any adult wanting to see justice prevail. Available online and at retail bookstores.

Hannah Harrison

How Much is a Little Girl Worth?
Rachael Denhollander tackles the issue of a child’s value in How Much is a Little Girl Worth? After dealing with past sexual abuse, Denhollander felt a calling to teach her daughters and other young girls about their worth. In her new children’s book, she uses beautiful illustrations and rhyming schemes to teach that even the youngest girls are worth fighting for.

“No one has the power to change what God’s done, and He says you’re worth everything, even His Son,” Denhollander writes.

This book will help any young girl grasp the truth about what she is worth. Available online and at retail bookstores.

Hannah Harrison

Restoring America’s Soul
In her first book, author, and constitutional attorney Rita Dunaway defines what it means to be a conservative, and what Christians and conservatives can do to better engage a leftist culture and articulate their positions. Restoring America’s Soul then suggests specific actions for those who hope to see a conservative resurgence in America.

Dunaway joins a long list of conservative leaders who support the Convention of States Project, a highly debated initiative calling for a state-led Article V convention with the goal of limiting federal powers and restoring states’ rights. She believes that restraining an overreaching federal government and restoring a culture of virtue just might be the ticket to saving this nation. Available at retail and online booksellers.

Matthew White

I Choose Peace
In I Choose Peace, Doug Bender relates stories of more than a dozen people who have sought peace through many different means, but have all come to the same conclusion. In the testimonies of well-known individuals such as professional athlete Albert Pujols, Duck Dynasty stars Phil and Kay Robertson, and TV personality Kathy Lee Gifford, Bender illustrates the struggles that even celebrities experience in seeking peace.

“They tried drugs, work, love, and everything in between,” writes Bender, “but they never found peace. … They looked in all the places you have looked, but they found it only in Jesus.” I Choose Peace is part of the I Am Second series from Nelson Books. Available at online and retail bookstores.

Mason Beasler

Loudest Praise, Glorious God
Lauren Talley comes from a family of gospel music legends. Talley has vocalized 11 number one hits for her family’s singing group.

With two new CDs, Talley features traditional hymns on Loudest Praise and more contemporary worship songs such as “What a Beautiful Name” and “Jesus at the Center” on Glorious God. Her subtle, yet moving voice is a reminder that smoke and lights aren’t a requirement for true worship.

“My job as a communicator is to give people the truth of the gospel,” Talley said. “I want people to know that Jesus is everything. He’s the answer the world is searching for. He’s the solution to all problems.”

Hannah Harrison

Dear Grandchild, This Is Me
For grandparents wanting to pass on a legacy of Christ-centered wisdom and inspiration to their grandchildren, WaterBrook has created the perfect gift. Dear Grandchild, This Is Me is a do-it-yourself journal that offers grandparents the opportunity to gather mementos and photos, as well as write about personal experiences on timeless topics.

Laced with relevant Scriptures, the colorful, hardbound book contains vibrant illustrations and handy pockets to hold handwritten letters of encouragement and love from grandparent to grandchild. Regardless of the grandchild’s age, Dear Grandchild, This Is Me will certainly become a unique and cherished keepsake.

Available through online or retail booksellers.

Joy Lucius